Address: Tyumen Oblast, the village of Pokrovskoye
 The museum received its first guests, the group of businessmen from Austria, on 17 July, 1992. The records left by this quests in the book of opinions prove this fact to be true.
The museum exhibits private things of  the Rasputins: dressing-table, old Viennese chair that is surrounded by a playful legend, Simeon Verkhoturskiy's icon, ancient forged trunk, spoon and dish with the personal monogram of Alexandra Fedorovna the wife of Nikolay Romanov, that was presented to Rasputin by her and other things. There are also  the authentic photographs of Grigoriy Rasputin and his family, the personal notes of Rasputin, the design of the iconostasis of local temple, photo of the Romanovs family. The photograph of doctor Vladimirov and the nurse P.A. Kuznetsova who operated Rasputin in 1914 after the sensational attempt in the village of Pokrovskoye has appeared recently in the exposition of the museum.
The museum has the copies of the documents, which are stored in different archives of Russia and extensive printed material about Rasputin, published in the different languages.
This museum was visited by the different operator groups of the known motion picture studios: BBC, Munich television, the national television of France, ORT, NTV, the film crew of Leonid Parfenov and the legendary group Boney M.
 The museum works on preliminary request. On your demand we can organise a tour to the village of Pokrovskoye with  visiting the private museum of G. Rasputin.

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