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Rafting the Katun River in Altai

This tour will acquaint tourist with the deepest and most popular river of Altai – Katun River that runs 688 km from its source on the Mount Belukha (4506 meters) glaciers and cuts through mountains, taiga, and meadows of high grass and flowers to the place where it interflows with the Bijya River forming stately Siberian river «Ob». This main waterway of Altai has a wide range of rapids of all kinds and complexities. So it is a good place both for beginners and advanced rafters.

Duration: 5 days
Number of people in a group: 6-24
The length of active part: 390 km (auto-trip) + 80 km (rafting)
Tour price: 337 USD / 277 Euro


- Arrival to Novosibirsk
- Transfer from Novosibirsk to Aiskiy Bridge (the start point of the trip)

Day 1, Sunday
- Transfer from the Aiskiy Bridge (the right bank of Katun River) to the base tourist center in the village Ust-Uba (8 km.). Here tourists get the equipment and provisions.
- Auto-journey to the entry of the Bolshoi Yaqloman River. This auto-trip goes though the famous Chuiskyi Trakt that had already been mentioned in XVIII century. At those times it was an impassable bridle-path – one of the branches of  Silk Way (highway connecting Russia and Mongolia).  During the journey you have the chance to enjoy splendid views of cedar taiga in combination with alpine meadows on the Semeninskiy Passing. During the stop you will climb harsh Chike-Taman passing.
- Upon the Arrival you will get the instructions in safety measures.
- Evening is for getting acquainted with each other

Day 2, Monday
B. Yaloman River – Ailagush River
- On the bank of Bolshoi Yaloman the group gets ready to the rafting. Instructors will explain you how to use water equipment.
Over the first 10 km there are no serious obstacles, that lets tourist to become familiar with technique of how to operate the water craft. But already after an hour is the first trial of strength – the Ilgumenskiy rapid with length of 500 meters and waves of 3 meters.

Day 3, Tuesday
Ailagush River – Kayancha River
This day tourist will clear new obstacles – «Kadrinskiy proryv» consisted of several rapids including the most dangerous rapid of the Katun River - «Shabash» rapid.

Day 3, Wednesday
- Free time
- Excursion to the rock paintigs
- Banya

Day 5, Thursday
Kayancha River – environs of the village Elanda – the base stop in Ust-Uba.
At the beginning of the day you will raft the calm part of Katun River so you will have the chance to enjoy the beauty of unexplored nature.
After the dinner tourist will raft the rapids «Teldek-Pen». These rapids have canyon form with a chaotic number of streams, craters despite the fact that the width of Katun River is only 20 meters. After these rapids the river has calmer character, but after a wile tourists wil have one more obstacle – the rapid «Elandinskiy».
- Transfer to the base center in Ust-Uba
- Farewell bonfire
- Banya

Day 6, Friday
- Transfer to the Aiskiy Bridge (8 km)
- Transfer from the Aisliy Bridge to Novosibirsk
- Arrival to Novosibirsk at about 21.00

Tour dates       

Departure from


at  23 50

Arrival to the start
of the tour
at 7 00

Departure from the start
point of the tour 
at 12 20

Arrival to Novosibirsk


at 21 00
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