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The start point for this tour is the first Russian city on the territory of Siberia – the city Tyumen that had been considered to be «the Gateway to Siberia» for a long time. From here you will reach the city Tobolsk.
Tobolsk is the historic capital of Siberia and its spiritual center located on the confluence of rivers Tobol and Irtysh. Tobolsk is the only town in Siberia and one of the few in Russia which has a standing stone Kremlin. Its white walls and towers with an ensemble of churches and palatial buildings spectacularly sited on a high river bank is a national and architectural treasure that attracts a lot of tourist.
Siberia, after its attachment to Russian Empire, had actually been a place for deportation for a long time. A lot of people whose activity seemed to the Russian tsar to be dangerous for the country were exiled to Siberia and in particular to Tobolsk.  Among them were Decembrist. They made an important contribution to the cultural development of Tobolsk and its inhabitants.
From the end of XVI century, the contingent of Tobolsk exiles was greatly increased by the number of imprisoned soldiers from the enemys armies including Swedes, Poles.
Tobolsk was a transit point for the scientific expedition that were, dedicated to discover Far East, Kamchatka, Alaska and Baikal. So a lot of famous scientist who took part in those expeditions visited Tobolsk. Among them were G. W.  Steller, G. F. Miller, A. Humboldt, E. Laksman, D.G. Messersmidt, F.Y. Stralenberg and many others.
Daniel Defoe made his Robinson Crusoe stay in Tobolsk from September 1703 to June 1704.
The members of the Romanovs family also visited Tobolsk. In 1837, young prince Alexander II, while traveling through the lands of his future domain, paid a visit to this town. In 1891, after his assignment to the position of chairman in Siberian Railroad Comity, Prince Nikolai II, also took a trip over the Siberian territories and visited Tobolsk in. He did not know at that time that the next time his visit to Tobolsk will become a departure.   In 1917after his abdication he and his family were exiled to Tobolsk. Their deportation here lasted for ten months.
 His house where he was held with all of his family members is situated in the Downtown. Nikolais cabinet was reconstructed according to the old photos in one of its rooms. In our days it is a small museum where you can find an interesting excursion.
The tour also includes visiting Abalakskiy Monastery situated nearby Tobolsk in a village of Abalak.

Destination: Tyumen (visiting hot thermal spring) – the village of Pokrovskoye (the private museum of Rasputin) – the village of Abalak - Tobolsk – Tyumen
Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Group of 8
Tour dates: 5, 6 April; 3, 4 May; 7, 8 June; 11, 12 July; 15, 16 August;
6, 7 September; 11, 12 October
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Day 1
- Arrival to Tyumen
- Breakfast
- Overview city tour of Tyumen
- Departure from Tyumen toTobolsk
- Dinner at the café «Dubrava»
- Visiting the private museum of Grigoriy Rasputin situated in the village of Pokrovskoye (70 km from Tyumen)
In the ancient house, still filled with the magnetic aura of Gregory Rasputin, you will learn the trust worthy story of his historical personality. Interesting story of his life is confirmed with real facts and family photos. You even have a chance to make a photo of yourself with Rasputins person-double.
- Arrival to Tobolsk
- Accommodation in the hotel
- Supper
- Overview city tour of Tobolsk
- Return to the hotel
Day 2
- Breakfast
- Excursion program around Tobolsk including visiting the stone Tobolsk Kremlin, bone carving workshop of Minsalim Timergaseev, the cabinet of the last Russian tsar Nikolai II, the graveyard.
- Visiting Abalakskiy Monastery situated nearby Tobolsk in the village of Abalak
- Dinner
- Departure to Tyumen