Discovery of Siberia, Yermaks campaign Deutsch 

The territory of Siberia has been attracted attention of Russian tsars since long ago. The attempts to conquer these vast territories had been already made in XV century. But all this attempts were not successful and the power of Russian tsar over Siberian people was formal.
Te first major step toward the final conquest of Siberia was made by Cossack troop at the head of Jermak Timofeevich. Jermak was a skilled leader and experienced strategist that was why he succeeded to crush the forces of Khan Kuchum who possessed the power over the Siberian Khanate and gained its capital – the town Isker.
The death of Jermak in the waters of the Vagai River did not let Khan Kuchum to reconquer his estate again.
Jermaks campaign created the necessary prerequisites for the further discovery of the endless Siberian territories beginning with the establishment of the first Russian towns (Tyumen, Tobolsk and others).
Among the first settlers moved to Siberia were not only military and peaceful people from the European part of Russia but also prisoners of enemy armies – Swedes, Poles, for whom Siberia became an exile place. They usually were high educated people and their life here made an important contribution to the cultural development of Siberian people.
The towns Tyumen and Tobolsk were start points for the scientific expeditions aimed at the discovery and exploration of Kamchatka, Alaska, Far East. That was why a lot of famous people visited these towns. Among them were foreign scientists such as G. W.  Steller, G. F. Miller, A. Humboldt, E. Laksman, D.G. Messersmidt, F.Y. Stralenberg.
This tour will acquaint you with all these events in details. During 3 days you will visit first Russian towns – Tyumen and Tobols and places were the most important battles between Khan Kuchum and Jermaks troop were hold. You also will become familiar with the life and manners of Siberian people.

Destination: Tyumen (visiting hot thermal spring) – the village of Abalak – Tobolsk – Tyumen
Duration: 3 days / 3nights
Tour dates: 19 – 21 April; 17-19 May; 20-22 June; 25-27 July;  29-31 August; 20-22 September; 18-20 October

Number of people in a group

Price per a person in Euro

Day 1

- Arival to Tyumen, assembley on the railway station
- Transfer to the hotel, accommodation in the hotel
- City tour «Tyumen at night»
- Upon your request we can organize visiting thermal hot spring (entry payment varies from 4 to 5 Euro)
- Return to the hotel
Day 2
- Breakfast
- Departure to Tobolsk at 08:00 (local time)
- Visiting Abalakskiy monastery in the village of Abalak nearby Tobolsk
- Dinner at the café in Tobolsk
- City tour of Tobolsk including visiting the museum of local lore
- Departure to Tyumen
- Arrival to Tyumen at about 23:00
- Accommodation in the hotel
Day 3
- City tour of Tyumen including visiting Svyato Troitskiy Monastery
- Visiting thermal hot spring (13 km from Tyumen)
- Transfer to the railway station