"trip to the country of spirits"

Group of 8 people
Duration: 4 days
Destination: Barnaul

Day 1 - Assembly in the city of Barnaul. Transfer to the Biysk by the vehicle GAZ-66 (comfortable booth with the cosy seats and windows). Dinner in the cafe "Old Fortress", located in the ancient part of the city on the shore of Biya river. After dinner the group leaves from Biysk and drives through the famous Chuykiy tract. From the station «Ust –Sema» to the base "Master- tour". Base is located on the shore of the beauty Katun river. Comfortable summer houses from the cedar are located in the pine forest. Here tourists can have supper and rest after road. Russian banya.

Day 2 - After breakfast the excursion to the village «Chemal». For a long time Chemal is known as climatic health resort, because of its soft microclimate and abundance of the sun. Chemalskaya GES is built in 1935, power 400 kilowatt, the height of 6-8 meters. Nearer to Katun river the splendid view of the waterfall of chemal river into Katun will be opened to your eyes. Waters of these rivers flow in the gorge by separate strips, and then they merge. This place is called winches Sartakpaya, by name of legendary Altai hero - apostle Hans Bogoslov s temple on the island Patmos. It is the first missionary temple in Chemale, it is built in 1849. In the 20 s it was
destroyed. It was rebuilt in 2000. After excursion the group returns to the base, where it has dinner. After dinner, group leaves in the village of Kyrlyk, where a tent town is established on the bank of the river. Tourists will spend this evening before the bonfire, where they will ancient Altai legends. You can participate in the process of «kamlaniya». Spirits do not ofen open to man their presence and they rarely attempt to appear their intentions. That is why people must apply to them. But only their elects - shamans can attain a constant and clearly expressed contact with the spirits.

Day 3 - Breakfast. Transfer to the base "Master- tour". On the road they thestop in the aurochs preserve in the village of Kamlak, where aurochs are reared. Supper and rest on the base.

Day 4 - Rest time on the base. After supper transfer to the airport of Barnaul
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Ethnic Tour in Altai Ethnic Tour in Altai Ethnic Tour in Altai

Ethnic Tour in Altai Ethnic Tour in Altai Ethnic Tour in Altai