Day 1, Tyumen
- Arrival at Tyumen by train at 10.15 from St-Petersburg, transfer to the hotel
- accommodation in hotel, lunch
- City tour of Tyumen, Ikonnikov Museum, Boat of Alexander II, The last parade of Nikolai II.
During the tour you will learn more about the history of creation of the first Russian city on  Siberian territory, about its evolution, you also will visit some of its sightseeing. You will visit Svyato-Troitskiy Monastery - one of the most beautiful places in Tyumen, because of its placement on the up-hill bank of Tura-river. Also you will see the private museum of merchants Ikonnikov- Kolokolnikov, where their way of life is represented and the wax statues of Alexander II and his tutor V. Gukovsky are to be found.
- free time (for additional payment you can visit other Tyumen museums)
- dinner in town
Day 2, Tyumen - the village Pokrovskoye - Tobolsk
- Departure to Tobolsk (by minibus), during the trip you will get a lot of information about Siberia exploration history.
- Visit to Rasputin's Museum
The private museum of  Grigoriy Rasputin is situated near by the Tyumen city at the small village Pokrovskoe - one of  the oldest villages at the Siberian Route. In the ancient house, still filled with the magnetic aura of Gregory Rasputin, you will learn the trust worst story of his historical personality. Interesting story of his life confirmed with a real facts and family photos. You even have a chance to make a photo of yourself with Rasputin's person-doble.
- Lunch
- Visiting Abalakskiy Monastery situated in the suburbs of Tobolsk
- Arrival in Tobolsk
- Accommodation in the hotel Slavyanskaya
- White Kremlin is the main sightseeing found in Tobolsk - it makes the city shape look very expressive. And the very city is beautiful. The sense of history is flowing in the air. For the space of two hundred years Tobolsk was the administrative, spiritual, trading, cultural and military center of Siberia. Also you can visit Museum Of Local Lore which is situated within the Kremlin territory. Or you can visit the Jail Castle on your choice.
- Evening service in the church of Tobolsk
- Dinner in town
Day 3, Tobolsk
Observe tour in Tobolsk: Zavalnoe Graveyard, (the graves of Kuhelbeker, and other Decembrists, Ershov) The history of city foundation, Ermak's Garden, Upper Town and Downtown.
During the excursion you will learn more about the first Siberian capital, while enjoying the beauties of the Upper Town and Downtown. At the Zavalnoe Graveyard you will visit the graves of Kuhelbeker, and other Decembrists, Ershov. Also you will have the chance to visit Ermak's Garden, where the Stella Of Siberia Conquering is situated.
-The visit to the museum - the cabinet of Nikolai II The story about the visit of a royal family in Tobolsk is still pretty much popular. Alexander II paid a visit in1837. His grandson - the coming Tsar Nicolas II, never knew that the next time his visit will become a departure. His house where he was held with all of his family members is situated in the Downtown. In one of its rooms, using the old photo, his private office was reconstructed. In our days it is small museum where you can find an interesting excursion.
- Lunch
- Visiting bone carving workshop of Minsalim where you can buy some souvenirs.
- Free time
- Transfer to the railway station, departure to Yekaterinburg by train
- Train tickets to be included
Day 4, Yekaterinburg
- transfer to the hotel, accommodation
- City tour the Romanovs in Yekaterinburg"
- Lunch
- Europe-Asia border line tour
This is one of the tours which is very popular both with local residents and guests of the Urals. While on the excursion the customers will be able to witness natural beauty of the Urals, history of the Great Sibirsky Road and towns nearby. You'll learn how and why the border between Europe and Asia was accepted in the Urals.
You'll also see the obelisk erected to simbolize the frontier near the Berezovaya mountain and will have a walk to this mountain.
- Dinner in town
Day 5
This excursion offers you an opportunity to learn about the history of the Urals colonization, to see towns and villages located on the Rezhevskoy and Alapeyevsky Grand Roads, wooden architecture of the Urals and lifestyle of local peasants plant workers.
In the town of Alapayevsk you will visit the memorial museum of the famous Russian composer P. I. Tchaikovsky where a unique collection of musical instruments is exhibited.
In the village of Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha you will see rare exhibits of the museum of Wooden Architecture and Urals Folk Painting located in an outstanding architectural monument of the 19th century - the Transfiguration church. The complex of wooden buildings including houses of the 17 - 19th centuries, a prison, a watchtower, a fire station and nice wooden chapels situated on the riverbank will draw your attention.
The visit of the monastery on the place where Great Princess Elisabeth - the sister of Empress Alexandra - and her relatives who were imprisoned in Alapayevsk were murdered is another part of the tour.
- Lunch and dinner
Day 6
- Transfer to the airport in the morning
6+1 1234 EUR  (per each person)
8+1 1073 EUR  (per each person)
10+1 976 EUR  (per each person)
12+1 912 EUR (per each person)
SGL Suppl.
The prices includes:
- all excursions named in the programm including with French speaking guide or guide and interpreter
- all transfers and transport services named in the program
- train tickets St. Petersburg - Tyumen and Tobolsk - Yekaterinburg
- Accommodation in the hotels "Prometey" in Tyumen, "Slavjanskaja" in Tobolsk and "Park Inn" in Yekaterinburg
- All meals
Prices do not include
-          insurance
The given price is related to the current days, later it may be changed