Bolshoi Theatre has always been and remains one of the major symbols of our great nation and its culture. The only way for the Bolshoi to stand for its name is to facilitate steady and fast artistic growth based on all of the development factors: internal and external, traditional and modern, national and international.
The history of music theatre development worldwide has proved that steady and rapid development of the theatre company has to be warranted by the high quality productions that are comparable to the highest international standards. This requires new ideas and new approaches to creative work as well as new technological level on the production side.

                                                Modest Mussorgsky
                                                 Boris Godunov
                                                Opera in four acts

                                                Georges Bizet
                                                Opera in four acts

                                              Pyotr Tchaikovsky
                                               Eugene Onegin
                                             Opera in three acts

                                              Pyotr Tchaikovsky
                                              Ballet in two acts

                            to music by Georges Bizet and Rodion Shchedrin
                                                 Carmen Suite
                                               Ballet in one act

                                        to music by Frederic Chopin
                                             Ballet in one act

                                                Sergei Prokofiev
                                               Ballet in three act

                                      to music from the ballet Swan Lake
                                              Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux
                                                    Ballet in one act

                                    The entry tickets rate are on demand