We're offering you to plunge into the Siberian village and the countrylife of Pokrovskoe...

Pokrovskoe is situated on Old Tobolsky High-way and it is on of the oldest villages there. In the neighbourhood there was a house where Fedor Dostoevsky and decabrists stayed for a while. The village became popular because of a famous historical person - Gregory Rasputin. To get to know about his life and him closer you may in the museum in Pokrovskoe. You can stay in Pokrovskoe as well not in the hotel but at somebody's place at a reasonable price.

We're offering you a homestay in Pokrovskoe with all advantages of country-life. You'll have real Russian breakfast and dinner cooked by a hospitable mistress of the house. In the day-time you are offered to go fishing, haymaking. To feel real Russian life, to enjoy the peace and silence of the country-life stay in Pokrovskoe and you'll remember your trip to Russia for a long-long time.

Price for the homestay (breakfast and dinner included) - 50 USD per person






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