Hunting and fishing in Siberia

Siberian Hunting Tour

The Grand-tour Travel Agency offers hunting tours in any region of Russia. We can organize a hunting tour in the highlands, in the taiga, in the mountain taiga zone, steppe and flatland.
Hunting seasons:
Bear August March (Tyumen, Omsk, Perm, Altai regions, the Baikal);
Elk September December (Tyumen, Omsk, Perm regions);
Maral October December (Altai region, the Baikal);
Siberian roe deer August December (Tyumen, Altai regions);
Wolf all year round (all over the territory).
Duration: from 2 to 12 days
Tour cost: - is individual, from 150 Euro per day for one person. Also we invite the amateurs of fishing into the remarkable land of Siberia. Fishing to the grayling, muksun, taimen and other fish will not leave you indifferent. The organization of the combined tours and photo-hunting is possible. Tour programm

Fishing in the Ural Region

A man once felt the sun and wind cannot forget the enormous stars in the dark night sky, mysterious whisper of the trees, mysterious dusk of caves and fantastic whims of the wind that created surprising figures of stone, majestic coast cliffs and affably soft coastal meadows.
It is unimportant whether you are with a merry company, with the best friend or alone - you will find friends there. You will remember this time. The happiest memories will connect you for life.
Entire beauty and charm of the Urals with fishing for grayling, pike and chub.

Rafting with fishing on the Chusovaya river.
3 days
Active part: 40 km
Water route down the Chusovaya river starts in Ust-Koiva and finishes 300 meters from the railway station of Chusovoy city of the Perm region.
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Rafting down the Koiva and the Chusovaya rivers, 6 days
Duration: 6 days
Active part: 83 km. Water route down the Koiva-Chusovaya rivers starts in Kusya- Aleksandrovsky village and finishes 300 meters from the railway station of Chusovoy city of the Perm region.
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Fishing in TUVA Region

The routes designed for fishing floats were laid near the origin of one of the grandest rivers on Earth ≈ the Great Siberian river Yenissei, down the Biy-Khem and the Serlig-Khem rivers.
There is no industry in the origin region and the area is sparsely populated.
There are no populated localities in the floating stretch.
The origins of Yenissei are guarded from the neighboring industrial areas by a natural barrier: Eastern and Western Sayan Mountains, the Akademik Obruchev"s ridge.
The mountains form something like a protected from all sides cup of the origins of Yenissei.
The water in the rivers is clean, not polluted by man"s activity.
As one writer said, "The nature where the man has not messed it up yet one of the few places on Earth."
Fish abounding in lakes and rivers has no contagious diseases. Rivers and reservoirs of the Yenisei are rich in fish: grayling, perch, pike, tench, cisco, peled, burbot. Big red fish taimen and relict sterlet can be found here too.
The floating region is difficult to access. There are no roads. Only helicopter transportation.

The float will be managed by experienced guides, who have behind them floats down the most difficult rivers of Russia and near and far-abroad countries. 

Tour Down the Biy-Khem with fishing
Duration: 7 days
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