Getting to Russia

The most common way to get to any part of Russia is to get to Moscow first. The largest low fare airlines are Germanwings and Germania Express. 


Berlin (Schoenefeld) – Moscow (Vnukovo)
Flights on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Departure time: 10:15 (Saturday) and 12:00 (Monday, Wednesday)
Arrival time: 14:50 (Saturday) and 16:40 (Monday, Wednesday) 

Cologne-Bonn - Moscow (Vnukovo)
Flights on Monday, Wednesday, Sunday
Departure time: 09:05 (Sunday) and 10:25 (Monday, Wednesday)
Arrival time: 14:10 (Sunday) and 15:30 (Monday, Wednesday)

The usual price for one-way trip including all taxes starts from 114 Euro. The price during the sales period can be reduced to 62 Euro.

Germania Express: 

Berlin (Tegel) – Moscow (Domodedovo)
Flights on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Departure time: 10:05
Arrival time: 14:50

Munich - Moscow (Domodedovo)
Flights on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Departure time: 8:45 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday) and 11:05 (Saturday)
Arrival time: 14:20 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday) and 16:25 (Saturday)

Dusseldorf - Moscow (Domodedovo)
Flights on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Departure time: 10:00
Arrival time: 15:30

The price for one-way trip starts from 99 Euro

Airlines Aeroflot and Sibir also have low-cost air tickets to Moscow during seasonal sales.

From Moscow there are daily flights to other cities of Russia. The prices for round trip are cheaper than for one-way trip. The difference is 20-40%. Besides, some airports in other Russian cities also have direct international flights.  About direct international flights from Yekaterinburg, Perm and Novosibirsk read here.

By train you can get from Moscow to other Russian cities. Transsib – the longest railway in the world goes through the whole country and also connects Moscow with China (Bejiing) and Mongolia (Ulan-Bator).

Russian trains have 3 classes. A bed in a third class carriage (called «platzkart» in Russia)  is cheap, but because of the low comfort and the lack of any privacy, travelling in 3rd class is not recommended. Second class train cars (called "Coupe" in Russia) offer more comfort as they have lockable 4-bed compartments with extra luggage space and curtains for more privacy. First class compartments (called "Es-veh"in Russia)  are identical, but have only 2 beds in 1 compartment, offering maximum space and privacy.
Every train car has its own toilet with washing sink, as well as a tap from which you can take boiling water freely, allowing you to make yourself a tea, coffee or instant meal. All trains have a restaurant car where one can choose from a simple, but cheap menu. Furthermore, it is possible to buy some products during the train stops (usually 10-20 minutes). People always come up to the train to sell drinks, bread, (home-made) bakery, fruits and other items. But watch out not to miss the train!